Update from Qudus' blog

Jan 25, 2007

if i were the king...

Don’t tell me about God,
Tell me about life when I’m gone
If I were the King
I will close more churches
To build more cemeteries
We’re all going to die Anyway.

Don’t tell me about the dead
Tell me about the living
If i were the King
I’ll close more hospitals
To build more Theatres
People get more healed there anyway.

Don’t tell me about Love
Tell me about Sex,
If I were the king
I will stop the use of condoms
To build people’s home
Fornication is because we have an option Anyway.

Don’t tell me about what is legal
Tell me about the unlawful
If I were the king
I will close more tribunals
To build my own tribunals
All lawyers are liars Anyway.