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Nov 24, 2011

Why Artists charge SO MUCH

If you ask yourself why ARTISTS (Djs, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Musicians or other performers) charge "SO MUCH" for performances... ???

Here is one answer for you - Because They don't get paid vacation, they don't get paid sick leave, they don't get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas. They don't have insurance plans nor do they qualify for unemployment and no retirement plan either.

Because they sacrifice their family on special days so that they can bring happiness to others. Illness or personal affairs are no excuses for a bad SHOW.

Next time you ask, remember that ARTISTS are ARTISTS because of the love of dance, music & art, but unfortunately that LOVE doesn't pay DEBTS nor BILLS.


Nov 20, 2011



I was in the train from La Rochel to Paris, then the train stopped in a stop after Poitier, can't really remember the name of the stop. Then the stop was getting too long than usual, so most passengers like me were worried, after about 20 minutes of waiting, the controller announced "We are sorry for the delay in departure, it is due to the fact that we are waiting for the police" Police? why police? Apparently there has been a dispute with two passengers in the train.

For the sake of accuracy, allow me to paint their physical appearance, one was a black lady, very well dressed, hair well packed, make up and all those ladies gadgets, she looks in fact like someone who works in bank BNP Paribas to be precise. While the other was a mixed race guy, handsome, clean shaves, a bit tall, he was wearing a casual jeans and tshirt, with dark glasses and a pull over, which in fact makes him look like a reality TV star.

Gradually their ranting with the controllers takes up the air, i could make only few words from what was being said, and since its been a while i haven't seen a Nollywood movie, i said this might be a compensation. Out of curiousity and entertainment need, i moved closer to feed my eyes. As normal the conversation was all in french but for the sake of jisting, i will transcribe in English "You have to go down, you are delaying everybody" the controller said, they were three controllers, two ladies and one man, trying to eject these two individuals, it was in their reply that i realize that they are from Guadeloupe, "No, not every young, black person is a hooligan, you don't have the right to pull my tshirt..." with a creolised french accent (that i in fact enjoy listening to).

To cut the long story short, what i made from the whole ping pong was that the guys bought their ticket for Paris for a train that was like 45 minutes late, so they couldn't wait while this one leaves to Paris without them in it, so they boarded but surely they have no sit in it, the only available sit was in the first class, so they humbly occupied the first class. This was the beginning of their troubles. Maybe if they had sat in second class they will be safe...

The argument became tougher and the remaining passengers began to lose their mind and their patience began to vanish, it is already 45 minutes waisted waiting, but i was catching my fun in my own way. However, you must know that there is nothing more disagreeable than a French "pas content" you don't want to be beside a ranting French "oh la la, mais en fin, buhhhh......... mais nous, il faut qu'on pas d'ici la, c'est quio ces packets de merde..." then there was a guy complaining to his phone, i imagine he was talking to someone, what was most striking about his telephone conversation was when he said "... No, they are not Arab, well anyway they are ALMOST ARAB..."

Yes Almost ARAB, and since then i have been trying to figure out what ALMOST ARAB means in the french society. Can anyone help me out???? i'm totally confused, when does Black became ALMOST ARAB? Is this a nightmare or i'm really in the midst of a bunch of people who don't even feel it is even necessary to hide their phobia for the 'other' if Black is ALMOST ARAB, then what is ALMOST BLACK?