Update from Qudus' blog

Dec 12, 2006


One of the surfers of the earth wisdom
I declare, I belong
We write about the rite
We create, they cry
These feelings I get
Disorderliness in man
This allergy I have got
Lairs, mongers, foes and game people
How do I move?
How do I dance?
How do I write?
And for why do I?
This theatre is full of roses.
* * * * *
Yet I can’t dance
trapped all over
Our patron, a couple of mongers
our friends, a bunch of foes
And I swear not to be a prey
Why is man in here?
Running after fiction
I just need a stage to be seen
Maybe I’m wrong like every other,
But without pretence, I CAN’T
Once again I’m out of my mind
And this time I promise its over
this theatre if fool of proses
We all fall down afterwards.

Dec 5, 2006


Les combats de l’homme commencent
même avant sa naissance,
venir au monde, sortir des tripes de Maman
n’est que simple jeu
Comparé à mes luttes subséquentes,
je me suis battu pour enfin connaître ma société
et j’ai eu envie de parler.
Je me bats pour fuir,
je me bats pour mourir
et quitter cette terre où l’enfant va naître
est si chanceux non né.
pendant que certains vivent tels des rois,
la majorité a les yeux rivés au ciel
j’ai la conviction que l’opprimé rira le dernier
quand viendra mon tour?

Oh ma terre oh Dieu
comment puis-je être heureux
alors que je suis si malchanceux de faire partie
de ceux qui naissent
à cette époque de terreur sur terre.

…je m’en fou
je m’en fiche de ce que demain peut m’apporter
puisque mon passé et mon présent m’ont tout pris
et n’ont rien apporté d’autre que la tristesse et misère,
comme tout vient et s’en va
il m’est si dur d’effacer mon passé

Lost face.

The struggles of man begins even before birth,
getting out of mother's womb was a mere game
compared to my subsequent struggles.
I try to stand up and be counted,
i exert myself to walk with series of staggers and falls,
Going through the four corners of life,
i still labour to survive,
I was born in a land where sun neither sets nor rises,
i look to the heavens for the April showers
to wash away my pains and tears of sorrow.
i get my fair share of miserable days,
Days of fighting the scourge
Of oppressors and thieves in the land,
Days of laughing scornfully at death.
Days of determination to survive,
I'm so unfortunate to be born
In this age of terror in my land.
Oh my own land so pray,
where can I find this freedom I so crave?
The land has made me whatever I am today,
…i don’t care.
I no longer care about what tomorrow may bring
As my past and present has sapped everything
and brought nothing other than misery,
as everything comes and goes,
It’s so hard to leave my past behind.

Dec 3, 2006


Wretched of the earth
Led by master of monsters
we knew of their wrath
even before the sad news of our birth

The wretched of the earth.
the vultures await the good news of their death
in patience they wait
we know they shall not wait
for the evil eve of Harmattan

before giving up their lives to dust,

they are the wretched of the earth.


Stop this coach I’m leaving
Leaving this isle of winter
Leaving first for the Sex City
Though all I’ve wanted is sex
and love making without condoms

I’m going far away from this land
to get closer to reality,
My endure got me here
My virtue you can’t understand
Tell Yewande I love her still
She’s all remaining
in the wrecked part of my heart

I have chosen my footpath
I shall be on this wrecked ship
To certainly stay for another rain
And surely come back
to give my testimony

Absence of the stars

Once again the moon and sun has planned another reunion,
thinking of how to make today a reality of what they dreamt of yesterday,
and make tomorow just another day
but the stars were absent,
So its weakness became an advantage for them.

They came to tell us about thier great God,
then fell in love with the gods of our fathers.
Maybe this is another evolution...
Yet they complain "You dirty, you never take you bath,
never you elegant? you prefer to be seen
in the compound of pigs, you beggars".
So our weakness has become an advantage for them.

Sounds of lamentation

In my surgeon to the coast of many colours
That brings forth colourful smiles to nature,
Here comes the autumn of November
Their birds immigrating in bunch
The trees giving up their colours to ashes
And our smoking chimney whistles day and night,
The sound of Lamentation
Hopeless animals in the nearby transparent forest
The more strong still eating up the more weak
Before the white bear returns.

Dec 1, 2006

Mr Rock'n' Roll

Mr. Rock and roll
For how long do you think you’d rock the world?
In your rock mind you dread a righteous life
But you are often in the left
Mr. Rock ‘n’ roll
Roll up new philosophy
You are not going to rock forever
Neither will you roll the river
More than one time in your lifetime
Then, no one will ever rock to your
rock ‘n’ roll

homeless in the subway

With his guitar and a pot of coins
Responding to the rhythm of his inner mind,
I have a world inside of me, different from me,
It makes me scream 10 times a day,
It makes me feel stupid 7 hours a day,
It makes me shed a cup of tears a day
And at the end of the day it becomes a universe.
Begins his race at the launch of dawn
Destination to nowhere;
The day so short for another nightmare under the ground
Do you know who i am?

You see me daily but too busy to notice me,
I knock at your door each time you’re off to work
I got no job, my home is on the street
Oh my goodness, I am still helpless in my darkness,

When will I be out of my useless illness of homelessness
That is becoming endless, regardless my eagerness for happiness,
I’m still fortuneless, this is the cry of a homeless.

Nov 30, 2006

Abode for aye

Few days after my last birthday i just came to realize that most part of my life I have been lied to,
Either to myself or by others.
My life has been close to toy story,
the life i live is not mine
the ones i cherished belong to someone else
and the one i want will never be mine
All my life I dreamt of beating hulk Hogan up
And probably have sex with celine dion at least once
But my Yoruba accent will be a set back I know.
These days i've been thinking of how to proof Isaac Newton wrong
Because I don’t like his name and race then
I remembered when my mother was carrying my life in her womb
How cute and peaceful I was all alone in her womb

Nov 25, 2006

pointing fingers

let that succesful man who didn't take a life in his quest for success show up his face,
show me a politician who is not playing a game
bring me the guy that wants to be a hero without a selfish interest
where is the living soul that says racism exist no more
are there still blacks going about siniging "i'm black and proud!"?
each day i keep graying older to realize that;
we all are guilty of our mistakes,
we all are killers at a point in life,
we all are guilty of our past,
we all are in sane but only the psychos are locked up

Nov 23, 2006

Just thinking other... wise

What seem beautiful in this life
when those we think beautiful could be so complicated
what a strange life indeed.
those ridding horses are still not contented with those on foot,
putting on rags yet those with clothes are angry,
thousands of mammals walk with stomach on floor
not knowing which among them got stomach ache,
life never wish to see us unload our burdens.
My friend got few coins in his pouch, so people got attracted to him
he thought he was been loved,
not knowing that the chicken are only after the corns attached to his tail
he grow wings and thought he got twenty heads on one body
he refused to well fix his eyes on the floor, if it glides or not
not thinking well that not all that glitters could be gold,
my humble proud friend close your eyes today like the dead
see how many will mourn you, keep your trust to yourself
and the clean parts of your hand under your clothes
those we seek their help in crossing the ocean
might still push us off in the middle of the river,
he who we could keep secrets with could be a talkative
those we ask to scratch our back got sharp objects in hand to tear us off
why don’t you sleep as if you are dead
and see what people will say of you after death
even when no one knows what life would look like after death
but i believe it will still be more bearable than this life
where those behind seek the downfall of those before
those beyond having time to avoid those behind from advancing
and if they are unable to hold you to stop they draw you back.

tears of our mind,

but why… why is life not so sympathique, why is it this complicated;
but why has God created His creatures without giving the wisdom to rule their destiny,
He looks patiently while they keep searching endlessly
for what their cognizance and knowledge can never be able to attain,
but why, some concludes that God don’t exist.
too much trials and tribulation that begin from birth till death
wounds get healed with time and forgotten
but why these wounds life inflicts never get healed.

we know as we can as well hear them even when far away
their strong rhythm of hypocrisy and willing to get us backstabbed
but why… but why is it so difficult to know who really loves and care about one
why is it never stamped on the fore head or seen in the eyeballs
those who looks like friends to us, those who are nothing but backbiters
the hypocrites sings our praise only for us to turn our back
and get stabbed right in the middle of the spine.
only if they knew, only if they are aware
even when far away the beaches are still connected
the wall extends and get to us wherever we are.

When it falls on us

The hands so weak to lift a plume,
Eye lids drops dead and stop working,
Brain slides and fade away all thinkings,
Heads drops side to side and strains the neck,
But breath never stops runing
Even moves stronger than normal,
Whilst the weight looses itself.

Moving into a other world
Which is still ours, but not us,
A world only where humans
could grow wings and compete with the birds,
Only here we walk on water.
all dressed up undresses and back to dress,
hypocrite tiptoes behind clouds,
Witches with crossed legs against the wall
Journeying to baobab tree,
All speaks silently as the wall keeps its ears
to spread rumors.

Fear takes charge every corner,
Lantern takes over household including streets,
The wind ready to take the little noise far away,
Evil reign over the weak and ignores the strong,
Scream is heard only for attention,
As temptation so close to humans,


Every one crying for peace in the world
but shall i fight towards no peace ...
i shall fight towards equal right and justice
this crazy, mysterious and beautiful world we live,
all wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die...
Everyone dreads an atmosphere of change
but no one wants to sacrefice...
no one wants to be an Hero.

Y-O-U, wake up from your slumber
never say you can't, start from that surrounding of yours
start to make a change,
there is nomore mesaiah coming to save the world
we really want to save the world ?
we need to save the children first
setting an example for them to follow
to make a better tomorrow that can only begin today.

Le Sacre d'été

Poète français qui nous a sauvé la vie
Jouait seulement devant les sièges et le public vide
Mais les drapeaux ne sont pas heureux
Car ce n'est pas la fête de Noël,
Il nous donne un stylo et une NOTE pour
Noter des choses pas nette

Au début c'est le but qui nous bouffe
Plongeons toujours dans le rêve d'hier,
On fait l'amour sans savoir pourquoi,
Je suis plus vieux que toi “et alors ?”
Il nous a pas cru,
parce qu'on était cru en français
“il faut marcher sur deux pieds”,
il nous rappelle.

Ces jour ci, il n'est pas content
donc on coupe la tête
et Laisse les corps s'exprimer
il croit plus en Dieu
parce que le sacrifice et fait
deux heure après minute,
téléphone “ding ding”,
monsieur, on a une idée:
“ je m'en fou, c'est mon anniversaire”.

who dance for whom?

Move out of your specificity,
come towards me, Get out of you,
come to me. Is this refreshing?
Open and show yourself,
do as you do in your house in my house
Sure this is dance.
But who dance for whom?
Who decide the good and bad?
I'm a dancer of myself,
a CHAMELEON dancer

The more strong organizes the more weak
This surely affects her identity
You said kill it and she stabbed it
Now, you mourn over it
Because you're not trained to see blood
Can we play this game without going for training?
can we drink coca-cola and dance?

enough of politics, she wants some realities

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Hell is cobbled with good intentions we know
To live is like fleeing from one question to the other
Suffering and joy normal winds of life
we trust in our wings...
Our answer is blowing in the wind.

Nov 16, 2006

oh my LAND so pray!

If you think that the livelihood of your home
is not comfortable enough
because you want to feel like "Robin in da hood",
good, just get an agent, sell your home and move to Hollywood,
then you will be done for, when you find out that
even the hoods in the neighborhood of Hollywood
are willing to pay any price with all goodwill
for the food of your home.
So think again before you get into the mood.

these i want

I want you to see
What we all see everyday
But you did not see and I’ve seen
Because we all are not meant to see.

I want my work to break through walls
And exceed human imagination
And traverse your heart
Without any form of barrier
Because my emotion has no language

I want to let that man in the Far East to find his space,
And that in the Latino see his shadow
Let those tribes in Africa mirror their portrait
And the westerners see their own nose
Because my expression has no color

Nov 5, 2006

Its not funny

Beautiful evening, after sun sets
walking home, with a head full of pessimistic thoughts
suddenly few able bodied youth of a particular tribe
with cutlasses, sword, sticks and remains of broken bottles
running anxiously after a young man of other tribe,
misses target as they gave each stroke
they were really determined to get him off feet
my poor young man was really determined to survive as well.
And I kept my eyes on them willing to see the end
Alas, they got him and he fell
greatest surprise, he was rushed;
i thought cannibals were hungry for human flesh
and there was a feast
series of beatings, hitting, stabbings and cuttings
until we thought the young man was dead
still they went further putting petrol on him
I still wait to see the end so could be an eye witness
to have the story to tell as it happened without fallacy.
They stroke a match and young man was ablaze
surprisingly, body we all thought was dead
stood up and struggles to flee with flames,
Pitifully he died while on his feet
with posture of a calved object
at this point, i couldn't wait to look any further,
it is unbearable how fellow human suffers to die

Its not funny too

at the bus stop, here comes a bus calling my destination
quickly i jumped in without realizing he was calling one more chance
all of a sudden i received an impromptu slap
from behind to get me intimidated
at first, i thought i fell asleep and that happened in a dream
as the sun and the moon
were at a time closer to my eyes, the next echo i heard was
-your phone, your money- i gave it all unconsciously
i was thrown out of the bus before i begin to get myself on axis
all in second, too soon to recollect what really happened.


Have you ever imagined yourself on the street one day,
Rushing to catch up with your destiny that has been failing you,
You wonder if you shall ever meet up with the connect coach to where your dreams are,
Suddenly you get bundled and thrown into a car, a police car taking you
far away from the destination of your expenditure.
You wonder what is happening as the car moves on farther,
You ask many questions that got any answers in the open air,
You wonder what sort of trial you are into.
you wish to wake from your sleep because its just a dream.
you look arround for the candid camera playing pranks on you,
until you get interrogated and no identity card to identify yourself as a fortunate citizen of life,

you are then charged to court,
Therefore you are guilty because you can’t even understand its real
So you are sentenced to five years imprisonment,
At this point you begin to wonder why your god denies you so much,
Why your head is not with you
Why there is plenty injustice on your side.
Imagine what your days and weeks will look like during five years in jail
Because surely you got no one, any one who ever care about your where about to bail you out,

Ok lets cut the story short, after five long years in jail,
You made not even one connection during your stay and now you are back to abnormal life.
A world where you could no longer recognize your right from left,
Everything become so strange as you still live in the past,
How could you forget such past of yours?
You begin each day with tears of sorrows and end it with pain
Caused to you by the irrationality of life,
You begin to live a life you cannot understand because its not yours,
Then, you will realize how beautiful the life you’ve been living is compare to what you got since your arrival,
Then you shall realize that you have become a victim of life.

Oct 12, 2006

money can't buy

Do you want to see African dance?
We are dance merchants
From the down side
Of the Atlantic
We SELL Dance,
Our culture, for SALE,
We SAIL our Art
Our tradition is often on SALES
Not our Dignity
That, you can’t buy
I warn.
Not a bush man
I am a countryman,


You wished so much for FREEDOM
So, you luck yourself up
You wished so much for LIBERTY
So, you let go all religions
You wished so much for FUN
So, you renounced a bisexual life
You think so much about this WORLD
So, you plan to live in your solitude forever
You wished so much for a WORLD OF PEACE

let me be!

Let those at the right be,
Let those at the left be.
But kill those at the extreme.

Let the congregation soar as one,
Let the inspiration flow in all
But stop the flow of blood.

Let the believers be,
Let the non believers be too,
But let peace be.

Let the father slaughter his son
Let the mother murder her daughter
But let the respect for other children be.

i shall not want

even if the storm treatings
and the heaven sent forth fire
i shall not want...
my passion will outshine my faith
my smile will overpass my pains
my vission shall overlap my dreams
i shall not want...
i shall sleep and dream about my dreams
i shall wake to pursue this dreams,
i have a dream that the summer does come
but after the storm
and i shall not want