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Dec 5, 2006

Lost face.

The struggles of man begins even before birth,
getting out of mother's womb was a mere game
compared to my subsequent struggles.
I try to stand up and be counted,
i exert myself to walk with series of staggers and falls,
Going through the four corners of life,
i still labour to survive,
I was born in a land where sun neither sets nor rises,
i look to the heavens for the April showers
to wash away my pains and tears of sorrow.
i get my fair share of miserable days,
Days of fighting the scourge
Of oppressors and thieves in the land,
Days of laughing scornfully at death.
Days of determination to survive,
I'm so unfortunate to be born
In this age of terror in my land.
Oh my own land so pray,
where can I find this freedom I so crave?
The land has made me whatever I am today,
…i don’t care.
I no longer care about what tomorrow may bring
As my past and present has sapped everything
and brought nothing other than misery,
as everything comes and goes,
It’s so hard to leave my past behind.

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