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Sep 11, 2008

Armé de la terre and a other writing.

Armé de la terre !

This Soldier is special one, Usman the Soldier boy... lol
Few weeks ago I got the saddest news... or what can be as bad in a news
as knowing that ones close relation has joined the Army! 
He goes to war to fight those they call his enemy. Foolish Fool, 
he sees himself matured enough to go to war, 
but not cynical enough to know amongst whom his enemies are, 
how can you call people you don't know your enemies, 
neither do they know you,
his real enemies he has left back home, 
he has just accepted to be used as a sacrificial lamb 
for the world to move on.

Sometimes, if he is lucky not to have gone with the memories of the war, 
he maybe come back with what he calls good news of victory, 
hmm funny right? Forgetting that those he left at home are still around, 
and he will never be man enough to go blow their head off as his profession permits. 
Oh sorry, his profession permits, but only on his "foreign enemy"
Then what will be his gain, 
is he not wise enough to understand that he's been used 
as an apparatus for some people's power grabbing tussles? 
A political instrument who think one day he will be a hero, 
trained for the realization of the dreams of the gun makers 
and fought gallantly for the showbiz of politics and power. 

Just like in the movies, war films; 
every second the bullet is hitting somebody, 
someone his loosing his dear life for the dear war to go on, 
someone is struggling not to die 
and the other prefers to die than enjoying the pains of survival, 
someone is being used for awful images that passes emotion to the audience
but the camera never reminds us of those spear carriers, 
that are meant to die for the sake of the lead characters 
who turns out to be the heroes at the end. 

So now i'm thinking to myself now, Those we assume as heroes are actually far from it, 
the real heroes are unspoken, those who didn't made the media their homes, 
those who were not so much awaiting the public applaud of what they are/were doing
but affects lives of the populace and the localities they represent first, 
most heroes are self made isn't it? 
most heroes are criminals i must add, heroes my foot! . . . lol
there is always a first thought of self proclamation and a reason to fight 
that is far from the trumpeted motive, 
have you ever heard of a hero 
that got no link to politics in whatever form of it 
and not hyped by the media? 
Hero for the realization of a dream, 
for the survival of their friends, families, offspring and their generations to come.
is your hero known to others?

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My Squatter has started again.

How could you have done that to me
How could you?
Five minutes after you went into the cinema
I called you but your phone was 
Not reachable,
I called home, no one to pick it up
And you know you got the keys on you
You were almost so stupid to have done that
But at times you think you're so wise,
So if I hadn't think of something wiser 
I would have been outside the cold 
Waiting for you
I had to call the landlady
For a spare key,
Now she knows you live with me
And you know what that means
what's the reason for your stupidness and foolishness, 
don't you realize the consequence of your injudicious actions
At times you tire me
And moreover why didn't you wait
For me before going into the cinema
Anyway, how was the movie?
Don't you think it's a movie to watch?
Don't you want to answer me?
Why are you in this mood?
Is your melancholy back again?
But don't judge me by my words
Don't take them personal
I was only being sincere with you
Because I love you.
why u acting like a fool?
Qudus, You've started again.