Update from Qudus' blog

Dec 1, 2006

Mr Rock'n' Roll

Mr. Rock and roll
For how long do you think you’d rock the world?
In your rock mind you dread a righteous life
But you are often in the left
Mr. Rock ‘n’ roll
Roll up new philosophy
You are not going to rock forever
Neither will you roll the river
More than one time in your lifetime
Then, no one will ever rock to your
rock ‘n’ roll

homeless in the subway

With his guitar and a pot of coins
Responding to the rhythm of his inner mind,
I have a world inside of me, different from me,
It makes me scream 10 times a day,
It makes me feel stupid 7 hours a day,
It makes me shed a cup of tears a day
And at the end of the day it becomes a universe.
Begins his race at the launch of dawn
Destination to nowhere;
The day so short for another nightmare under the ground
Do you know who i am?

You see me daily but too busy to notice me,
I knock at your door each time you’re off to work
I got no job, my home is on the street
Oh my goodness, I am still helpless in my darkness,

When will I be out of my useless illness of homelessness
That is becoming endless, regardless my eagerness for happiness,
I’m still fortuneless, this is the cry of a homeless.

Nov 30, 2006

Abode for aye

Few days after my last birthday i just came to realize that most part of my life I have been lied to,
Either to myself or by others.
My life has been close to toy story,
the life i live is not mine
the ones i cherished belong to someone else
and the one i want will never be mine
All my life I dreamt of beating hulk Hogan up
And probably have sex with celine dion at least once
But my Yoruba accent will be a set back I know.
These days i've been thinking of how to proof Isaac Newton wrong
Because I don’t like his name and race then
I remembered when my mother was carrying my life in her womb
How cute and peaceful I was all alone in her womb