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Dec 1, 2006

homeless in the subway

With his guitar and a pot of coins
Responding to the rhythm of his inner mind,
I have a world inside of me, different from me,
It makes me scream 10 times a day,
It makes me feel stupid 7 hours a day,
It makes me shed a cup of tears a day
And at the end of the day it becomes a universe.
Begins his race at the launch of dawn
Destination to nowhere;
The day so short for another nightmare under the ground
Do you know who i am?

You see me daily but too busy to notice me,
I knock at your door each time you’re off to work
I got no job, my home is on the street
Oh my goodness, I am still helpless in my darkness,

When will I be out of my useless illness of homelessness
That is becoming endless, regardless my eagerness for happiness,
I’m still fortuneless, this is the cry of a homeless.

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