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Nov 5, 2006


Have you ever imagined yourself on the street one day,
Rushing to catch up with your destiny that has been failing you,
You wonder if you shall ever meet up with the connect coach to where your dreams are,
Suddenly you get bundled and thrown into a car, a police car taking you
far away from the destination of your expenditure.
You wonder what is happening as the car moves on farther,
You ask many questions that got any answers in the open air,
You wonder what sort of trial you are into.
you wish to wake from your sleep because its just a dream.
you look arround for the candid camera playing pranks on you,
until you get interrogated and no identity card to identify yourself as a fortunate citizen of life,

you are then charged to court,
Therefore you are guilty because you can’t even understand its real
So you are sentenced to five years imprisonment,
At this point you begin to wonder why your god denies you so much,
Why your head is not with you
Why there is plenty injustice on your side.
Imagine what your days and weeks will look like during five years in jail
Because surely you got no one, any one who ever care about your where about to bail you out,

Ok lets cut the story short, after five long years in jail,
You made not even one connection during your stay and now you are back to abnormal life.
A world where you could no longer recognize your right from left,
Everything become so strange as you still live in the past,
How could you forget such past of yours?
You begin each day with tears of sorrows and end it with pain
Caused to you by the irrationality of life,
You begin to live a life you cannot understand because its not yours,
Then, you will realize how beautiful the life you’ve been living is compare to what you got since your arrival,
Then you shall realize that you have become a victim of life.

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