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Nov 5, 2006

Its not funny

Beautiful evening, after sun sets
walking home, with a head full of pessimistic thoughts
suddenly few able bodied youth of a particular tribe
with cutlasses, sword, sticks and remains of broken bottles
running anxiously after a young man of other tribe,
misses target as they gave each stroke
they were really determined to get him off feet
my poor young man was really determined to survive as well.
And I kept my eyes on them willing to see the end
Alas, they got him and he fell
greatest surprise, he was rushed;
i thought cannibals were hungry for human flesh
and there was a feast
series of beatings, hitting, stabbings and cuttings
until we thought the young man was dead
still they went further putting petrol on him
I still wait to see the end so could be an eye witness
to have the story to tell as it happened without fallacy.
They stroke a match and young man was ablaze
surprisingly, body we all thought was dead
stood up and struggles to flee with flames,
Pitifully he died while on his feet
with posture of a calved object
at this point, i couldn't wait to look any further,
it is unbearable how fellow human suffers to die

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