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Nov 23, 2006

Just thinking other... wise

What seem beautiful in this life
when those we think beautiful could be so complicated
what a strange life indeed.
those ridding horses are still not contented with those on foot,
putting on rags yet those with clothes are angry,
thousands of mammals walk with stomach on floor
not knowing which among them got stomach ache,
life never wish to see us unload our burdens.
My friend got few coins in his pouch, so people got attracted to him
he thought he was been loved,
not knowing that the chicken are only after the corns attached to his tail
he grow wings and thought he got twenty heads on one body
he refused to well fix his eyes on the floor, if it glides or not
not thinking well that not all that glitters could be gold,
my humble proud friend close your eyes today like the dead
see how many will mourn you, keep your trust to yourself
and the clean parts of your hand under your clothes
those we seek their help in crossing the ocean
might still push us off in the middle of the river,
he who we could keep secrets with could be a talkative
those we ask to scratch our back got sharp objects in hand to tear us off
why don’t you sleep as if you are dead
and see what people will say of you after death
even when no one knows what life would look like after death
but i believe it will still be more bearable than this life
where those behind seek the downfall of those before
those beyond having time to avoid those behind from advancing
and if they are unable to hold you to stop they draw you back.

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