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Nov 23, 2006

tears of our mind,

but why… why is life not so sympathique, why is it this complicated;
but why has God created His creatures without giving the wisdom to rule their destiny,
He looks patiently while they keep searching endlessly
for what their cognizance and knowledge can never be able to attain,
but why, some concludes that God don’t exist.
too much trials and tribulation that begin from birth till death
wounds get healed with time and forgotten
but why these wounds life inflicts never get healed.

we know as we can as well hear them even when far away
their strong rhythm of hypocrisy and willing to get us backstabbed
but why… but why is it so difficult to know who really loves and care about one
why is it never stamped on the fore head or seen in the eyeballs
those who looks like friends to us, those who are nothing but backbiters
the hypocrites sings our praise only for us to turn our back
and get stabbed right in the middle of the spine.
only if they knew, only if they are aware
even when far away the beaches are still connected
the wall extends and get to us wherever we are.

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