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May 27, 2007

to HAVE or to BE

TO HAVE is a verb, to have is equally a doing word, it is quite imaginable that, "To have" which in other words could be to possess, to acquire, to own or to hold. All these still brings us back to the ability to be in possession of anything exterior to the peripheries of our contours, being it intellectual, material or spiritual or superficial, it still bring us to the point where there is an action that triggers our awareness for a certain need, so to have can in a shorter phrase, be explained as the action that takes place outside the "self" in oneself, there is always an action that occurs before this, either metaphysical or metamorphose change reaction takes place. 

One can't own all the golds of this life, the diamonds and houses and cars and tall building or have the knowledge of ten languages, the knowledge of sciences of poetry without a special effort from the part of this being, a special effort that puts him on the run, an effort that makes him remain awake all night, or the one that even makes him loose his friends and family, an effort that makes him stand up and go and run and jump and fly not because he loves to, but that is the ritual it takes to have those possessions.

TO BE, or to exist, to have oneself, the word BE and the questioning of a human being about his or her existence automatically distinguish him from just an animal and marks the beginning of his purpose in this mother earth. In the same manner, a group of individuals coming together to form a grouping, will not be validated, until they are able to define their being, their existence and purpose.

Many a time there has been a strong confusion of TO HAVE with TO BE, that is why some will say, i am the director of an institution, i am an Artiste or i was an army, but no one have i met and on his business card, inscribed HUMAN BEING or A BEING, whereas that is what we are for real and nothing more, all those qualifications does not validate our purpose in life but what we do with these posts or possessions is what actually brings out the being in our human. 

"To be", self, the ability to understand that no two human beings comes from the same internal world, each of us has our own world inside of us and every where we go, that is the only world in which we are ambassadors of, we are the god, the president and the decision maker of this world, the moment this is understood life will become easier and the respect for others will reign. Ghandi said "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD"

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