Update from Qudus' blog

May 3, 2008

Spilt milk.

We were the ones 
who felt libidos for the glossy shoes
offered by the west, 
without questions of maintenance.

Now that we've lost our virginity 
to our despots,
there is nothing like secondary virginity
all we've got left is to make the best use 
of our sexual appetite
and not to radically 
loose touch with reality
we just have to make the best 
out of our lost virginity
there is no profit in lamenting 
over a lost virginity.

Free will doesn't mean liberty 
and liberty does not give you freedom
as you express your free will, 
you should know that, 
it is a terrestrial property of all man 
liberty should not lead to your vanity 
cos it does't mean freedom to do what-so-ever
if the liberty of your wolf 
lead to the death of my free lamb 
I will exercise my free will 
and my freedom to take your life.

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  1. "i will exercise my free will and my freedom to take your life"- that's pretty tight. love it