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May 21, 2008

I shall NoT want.

The times we live in can be rough, I know
but i'm not ignorant to the fact that
mountains can be brought down to ashes 
lion can be called for a fight by insects, 
I have seen snail bold enough to challenge the horse in a race.

I have see Mountains ten times the skyscraper
yet subdued by man,
moon can be as far as kutuwenji
still was dared by man as he walks therein. 
here can be where my hope lies as I embark on my journey.

even if the storm threatens
and the heaven sent forth fire
i shall not want...
my passion will outshine my faith
my smile will overpass my pains
my vission shall overlap my dreams.

i shall not want...
i shall sleep and dream about my dreams
i shall aptly wake to pursue these dreams,
i have a dream that the summer does come 
but after the winter storm
and i shall not want.

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