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Jul 9, 2008

Nigeria, comment ça va!

Nigeria, a nation richly blessed with poverty
a perpetual ignorant of her abilities due to her disabled condition 
for her metamorphosing sons, from man into homosexuals overnight 
raping her in broad day light.
she sells her offsprings to the vulgar opportunists.

Nigeria, a nation situated in the midst of illusion
deaf to the cries of her beloved visionaries
most intelligent intellectuals, 
that is only good for the benefit of other lands
because the intelligent ones at home 
are left with scamming machines.

Africa looks up to Nigeria
as Nigeria look down to the world
Nigeria musing over joining the up north
as she takes-in illusion
the World explains to Nigeria comment çava up north
but Nigeria is just a crippled nation, optimistically sitting on her ass
struggling to get unto her axis, struggling to get her center right

Nigeria, is just a notion, 
a customized dead giant in motion
a politically correct expression, 
a brand for amalgamation,
a geographical illustration.
Nigeria, seen from all angles yet we see the same.

Nigeria... hmmmm. yaaaawwwwnnnn!

Every man has got the right to decide his own destiny,
And in this judgement there is no partiality.
So arm in arms, with arms, we'll fight this little struggle,
'Cause that's the only way we can overcome our little trouble.

Yes brother you are right! I am very optimistic too 
but very soon we shall find out who the real revolutionaries are, 
cos i don't want my people to be tricked by those amongst us 
who are primarily concerned with material reward 
at the expense of ethics and revolution. 
In everyman chest, there beats a heart but 
i have fears hidden in my breast, i don't know why...

Nigeria, A nation blind to her disgrace
a nation of disillusioned adults
turning the whole town into a sex city,
pedaling at the same velocity since dawn
yet, a mob of celestial favors, youth, talents, work force, intellectuals
hopelessly anticipating the future in the punk way
Chauffeured by a playboy puppet, not woman enough to drive his home safely.

there are tears hidden inside of her, 
the world look at her with scorn 
and offering her a transplanted heart.
and they ask in a witty voice, comment çava Nigeria
for the world knows, she is just a brand new second hand.

With the thought of the 1960 Nigerian madness
I learn how to dialogue
with the thought of the future heroes I contribute to my world
with the grace of my parent I'm alive today
in the name of my family I thank you listeners, audience 
and readers of my poetry, Article and essays
in the name of my nation, I pledge to be humble
for the pleasure of many antagonizing folks, i promise to step aside.


  1. Hi onikeku,
    I have left you a longer mail in your u tube account, concerning a possible artistic project in Italy.

    Please if you can contact me in short time, since the project is due next week.

    thanks and sorry for the pressure!!!

    chiara martinoli

  2. hi Kiara, write me on onikeku@ykprojects.com, if you get this.