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Aug 3, 2008

Are we really higher ANIMALS?

IF God has decided to make us humans, in His infinite mercies, isn't it fortunate enough for us? 'cos its not our doing that we appear to be a higher creature than the animals. However, it has been proven that we are as well animals, although higher animals, since animals are defined as any living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond to stimuli. Then I began to think about what makes us higher animals, I haven't gone far into the world of my sometimes absurd thoughts, before I realized that even the fact that I have posed this question, already justifies why I am a "higher animal", then I went further by putting my thoughts into consideration in order to valorize my solo argument.

This our ability to ponder over our conditions, thinking before reacting, our reflective ability over whatever we perceive through our sense organs, these elements that distinguishes man from animals, has later tend to kill our innocence and make us loose our sudden inner impulse that should manifest in all normal animals without premeditation or external stimulus. 

I argue with myself, if these crucial module that is suppose to be our argument for being higher animals, is not becoming the same element responsible for our troubles and malfunction-ness. Creating all sort of suffering for the world and all that exist in it to grapple with, i mean, this ability to choose - and choose well to kill the little harmless insect instead of letting it go, ability to have an ocean dreams, that will soon flood away the efforts of those with just ways and means and leave others with blood on their skins, so that tomorrow, we scream out the notorious phrase « we made it! ». Our ability to fight - to fight for our right and fight for our loved ones and deliberately decline our reasoning of its aftermath because its our celestial right, are we really higher animals? who declared us to be? 

The animal part of me wonders, what the so called lower animals must be thinking about us, "these senseless people thinks they know so much, look at what they are turning our world into" i wonder if a brother cow, will be one day intelligent enough to dream about the creation of something that looks like the Atomic bomb and Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK-47) to bombard his fellow cows, no i can bet for money that it won't do that, 'cos it got pride and knows what shame is, and thats what we don't have, no wonder humans are the only animals who weep. 

Have we taken time to listen to what the animals has got to say about us, cos we kept defining everything, because we know quite well that the monkeys has got no advocate, the tigers has got no philosopher and there is no intellectual in the animal world that could be their mouthpiece and communicate with us, to heal us of our insanity in order to put us back into track of our lost naivety, without being killed or displayed in a special wildlife park for weirdness and top ten wonders of the world.

Hopefully one day we shall get a redeemer from the so called lower animals that we have killed so many of their prophets, yet they are calm and you go study the animals and see the way they watch us insightfully, lets hope we get redemption from them and not a revolution cos the world also belong to them and a revolution is often borne out of a familiar force repelling a non familiar pressure. We can fool them sometimes but can we fool them all time ?

Well i still got this prey in my mind, with my preconceived monologue, are human being really higher animals?

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