Update from Qudus' blog

Jan 15, 2009


I'm staring out into the night 
Striving to hide the pain and stop the tears
distant sounds, healing wounds
whispering palms of Lagos life, echoes of my childhood
I'm going to the place where love i can FEEL, 
and feeling good don't live the cost of my sexuality, color and race. 
I'm going Home to the place where I belong, 
where a slight notion of acceptance has always been enough for me 
So I'm going Home 

The miles are getting longer, The closer I get to my destiny
the boundraies fall apart.
the limits pushed beyond the edge,
memories wither in this narrow path i thread.
This new culture will not fade away my old habits
And I'm left with the conviction of other places 
where i feel at HOME cos it feels like HOME
I'm going home to the place where i feel a different kind of pain.
I don't regret this life i chose for me
but these faces and places are getting old.
I'm going HOME.


  1. Hakeem AbdulraheemThursday, February 19, 2009

    Yes boss. Home is always home, home is where the heart is, home for some is where we lay our 'fila'... nice one again.

  2. Home will always be home, be it hell or heavenly. Few are things are stronger than the bond of childhood places that lay the foundation of your life story.

  3. truth b told..there's no place like home...home,where d memories of d pain & joy of d past makes u feel like a complete man.

  4. Adekunle TheophiliusThursday, February 19, 2009


  5. Guy was up. Welcome back home. Congrats for being a nominee at the Nigeria Future Awards, I was going to nominate before I found that your name was already there.
    I am presently in Ghana, it was an emergency official trip. I'll miss the award presentation 'cos I'm sure u'll get it.

    Take care man and revel in the ambience of Lagos; a renewd home.