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Apr 11, 2009

Home Series II

Take me home
the twinkling stars on my right
shadows of the light
the whispers of the night
Take me home

The memories of my childhood
echoes of my neighborhood
take me home

Agbe, the gods of the road
take me home
the dry smell of my solitude
diminishing self of my absolute
my black ass meant alone for shitting
my inactive penis meant alone for pissing
my aching mind - my loyal companion

Take me home !

The positive dreams of my father
our father who art in Lagos
the passionate whims of my mother,
our mother, the mother of the earth
my dreams, my forte, my anger,
my patience, my believes, my soul
Take me home

The fresh smells of erin ijesha
the mighty stones of Olumo
the fresh lake of Chad
barking dogs of the night, crawling cats of the day
crawling from daylight to sunset, weekdays to weekends
moments to dress to kill - KILL - to dress
the inactive spirit of the wind
the transcendent spirit of the light
bestow teleporting prowess upon me

Come take me home
take me to other places, where i'll be with other birds
other trees, rains, sunshines, and other moonshines
alone with my tireless feet
i'll dance and just dance, run and just run,
my feet will decide when and where to stop

Oh you metaphysical quintessence of dance
Come on...! come...! URGENT.
come take me home !

(folk song)
Agbe gbe mi dele o Agbe (2x)
Akii nrin ajo ka mama dele o
Agbe - gbe mi dele...

Take me away from these four walls
that saps all i can't do without
depriving of my humanness
take me home,
far away from this cynic world
that swaggers on crushing me
placing its heavy weight on my feather shoulders
affirming its power over me

oh my aching mind - my loyal companion
take me home,
my stubborn thoughts - my weapon...
my words - my cunningness
my dance - my sweat
my pain - my voice
my love - my purpose
oh rainbows of the sky,
this enormous blanket above my sky
harsh wind of harmattan
from the white flakes of winter
to the falling leaves of autumn
oh this violent storm, set forth to carry me home

take me to other places where i can feel other kind of torture
take me to a place where love and sincere affection i can feel
these faces and places are getting old
too old to identify my well-wishers
please take me home

let me be with my heroes,
dine with my fellows
able to express my woes
so when the sunset
i can walk away in pride and decorum

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  1. nice one qdus.
    i like ur style of writing
    ive told u that before jor