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Jun 22, 2009

Reflection on Liberty, Morality and Homosexuality.

PUBLISHED ON GUARDIAN AS Liberty vs Morality : Reflection On A 3-million People 'Pride Parade' In Sao Paolo.

Growing up in a conservative country like Nigeria, I have always wanted more freedom to explore certain things no one ever took time to explain to me. I have always wanted to keep the police off wherever I let my mind thought take me to. With my curious mind as a teenager, I read about great philosophers, scientist and artistes as well as made my own research of religions and beliefs, and I came across certain issues that were very much underground, such as the issue of the followers of "Guru Maharaj ji" or even homosexuals.

I recall that at the age of 12 or13, I happened to be a victim of molestation by a young man who had attempted to rape me. My understanding at that time, could not fully grab his predicament, but I felt like a clot of rubbish, until years later when I came across the word homosexuals. Members of this sect are frequently subjected to prejudice and discrimination in our society, which further adds to their marginalisation and vulnerability; it doesn't mean they do not exist in our hypocritical society.

Similar to that are the Transmen and Transwomen – those who were males or females at birth, but feel that is no accurate or complete description of themselves. So they desire transition towards a gender role as a woman or a man to varying degrees. I have always wondered, instead of keeping silent about these pacing phenomena: is it not better we voice it out, rather than living in pretence ? Because they are definetely a part of us.

In the last ten years now, I have traveled even more than I desire. I have met with people I only read about in books or watched on TV. I have found liberty at its peak and I have understood its limits. I have realised that i am a free man from the moment i have the right to act according to my will without being held up by the power of others, with the capacity to determine my own choices.

Nonetheless, liberty in the absence of subordination and constraint, like every other thing in life can be addictive. When you get so addicted to your liberty, you definitely become a slave to something else. 

Now, I think of the degree of our madness on earth. I thought there used to be a time girls dress-to-kill in order to show off their clothes, but now we kill-to-dress to show off our bodies. It is my thought that soon, people will begin to share bodies to go out in, the way girls share clothes now; we'll say to one another, "Who'll wear the brown body tonight?", "Hey honey, go put on the muscular body." 

For sure, immorality is where we are heading in the name of human right, and sooner there will be no such thing as 'Wrong'.

On my arrival at Sao Paolo, Brazil, few days ago, I immediately identified myself with the city. I knew something was insane just the way I liked it. But why Sao Paolo to start with? The mission to Brazil will last for a month – June 1 - 14 in Sao Paolo and June 15 – 28 in Belo Horizonte, but it will be multi-tasked. 

This year 2009 is the year of France in Brazil, and I happen to be part of the French delegation. I shall as well be networking with a host of cultural operators as regards ewaBAMIJO, my coming festival in Lagos during the last week of October. I shall be screening my film "Do We Need Cola Cola to Dance?" and making more alternative space performances in collaboration with my Brazilian producers. 

In the midst of my busy program, the adventurer in me was able to yet dig into the heart of this wonderful city. All through my travel experiences I have come across just two cities of similar insanity; New York and Johannesburg. Every night, there were at least four plans to choose from. But one significant event I wouldn't miss for anything was the 'Gay Pride Parade', which held exactly on my last day in Sao Paolo. I was told there will be three million gays in a carnival!

On many occasions, I have deliberately avoided having to state my opinion publicly on this controversial phenomenon. I am one of those few Nigerians who are not gay but really don't feel any different from those who are. Even if my definition of an 'ideal world' doesn't subscribe to such, yet able to state my opinion clearly without bias or offense. My existence as a dancer who works with his body and emotion, has at many times expanded my discovery and deepened my realisation of some sensual parts of me and also the sensuality of my dance partners, be it male or female. 

This same construct has taught me not to find bodies attractive nor repellent; only the people in them. 

So today, when I look at a homosexual, what do I see? Do I see a dead fag just waiting for a penis to bring him alive? Do I see a punk who has become what he is due to his addiction to liberty, with a bottle of beer in hand and singing "NO FUTURE?” or do I see a fellow human being capable of engaging in a meaningful conversation that could make the world a better place and being able to talk freely (without the influence of his proclaimed "identity") about the entrenchment of difference in a one world? 

So under what category is the existence of this 'Gay Pride Parade'? Of what significance is it? A political movement or a folie de grandeur? These are questions that caress my conscious self as we colorise the city en mass.

-Immorality Is Our Destination-

On getting to the Metro SE, it was as if I forgot that three million was no joke. Sure, on paper it looks a minute population, but for real, imagine the sight of a mass of human beings counting from one to three million. Seeing them all from afar in their ecstatic frenzies, I thought it was interesting as I was anticipating it ever since I heard of the event. 

The image I had in my head began to wash away as I got closer to them. I felt a massive energy filled with life in the punk way. The first reaction that touched my animal instinct was "run back". My legs failed me for at least two seconds. "Courage man" I told myself and so I joined the mob of apparently young boys and girls in their early twenties - newly hatched gays, free of parental guidance - all in pairs. You could feel the pulse of liberty in their faces. 

I was still trying to get used to the hundreds in the throng until I got to the platform of the blue line, where I intended to change for the green line that will take me to CONSOLACAO, my meeting point with the rest of my friends, most of whom were girls and who would be my shield for the next six hours. 

There were at least a thousand people waiting at the platform for the coming Metro. I was astonished. I had never seen a Metro filled with such a crowd. This is the kind of carnival you wish to be at its forefront, archiving all the experiences it could bring you in your mind. And trying to figure out a sense of this interesting madness before your very eyes, something tells you that you are also part of the three million, yet you are in love with the vibrations. As I took pictures, some would come closer to me in an attempt to hug or kiss me. I can still tolerate a hug but get easily and swiftly repelled when something other than that gets close. 

In this gathering, everything is allowed. It was complete madness! We watched in suspense and suspicion, for we all knew that something was absolutely missing in everyone's head. And that one thing was morality. Nothing seemed abnormal no more; each time I asked my friends in curiosity "Is that girl a guy?” “Are those breasts real?” “Is he a girl?" Seeing a guy and a girl kissing was the most abnormal thing in such gathering. No one was sure of what was wrong and what was not to be done. Everything was in a defiant mood of “YES WE CAN! 

We quickly took our exit after the last carnival van that passed us, for we were warned that the moment you see the sun going down, you had better leave with the sunset, because just like vampires, it could get really nasty after sunset.

MORALS are created and defined by society, philosophy, religion, or individual conscience and intuition, which differs between the liberals and the conservatives. Morality is seen as a collection of beliefs as to what constitutes a good life. Throughout much of human history, religions have provided both visions and regulations for an ideal life. In a secular community like in Euro-American setting, lifestyle choices, which represent an individual's conception of good and bad, are often discussed in terms of "morality." The individual makes an appropriate lifestyle choice first, before being compelled within his civil rights, to accept the codes of conduct within their chosen community as what is fundamentally moral, even when such codes deviate from larger social principles. 

HOMOSEXUALITY: A sexual orientation, social construct or identity politics?

The term homosexual is often used in European and American context to encompass a person’s entire social identity, which includes the self and personality. In other cultures such in Africa where the principles of right and wrong behavior is still a communal responsibility, homosexual and heterosexual labels don’t emphasize an entire social identity or indicate community affiliation based on sexual orientation. 

Homosexuality is a modern western social construct, which has today become a group of some interconnected powerful men or women, doing everything possible to buy more young and agile men or ladies into their 'ideal' world, leading to a 'choice' and eventually metamorphosing into a circular religion. 

I recognise that just as heterosexuals, we don't 'choose' our sexuality, some people don't get sexually connected to the opposite sex, if it is about the sudden discovery of one's attraction to same sex, which will of course respect the heterosexuality of the other, I have nothing against that. However such cannot be used as a basis of identifying a human being. 

My resentment has really not much to do with sexual identity, but to the uproar that follows any ideology that the liberal West wishes to sell to humanity as a whole. They make so much uproar about it until it becomes the new world order; and going against it becomes the new sin. And since they are the ones in the front line of human history, they will always look for one truth or the other to cover their lies. 

Finally, I have always believed that to continually participate in this world with curiosity and pleasure, to see any sense in this illogical existence of ours, one definitely have to pretend to be young and uninformed, pretend to be free of traditions and religion, and like that one learns to tolerate others in their identified weakness and insanity.


  1. hey, hey , hey,this disgusting topic again? my grudge with this article is that it is filled with linguistic grandeur, the one only those in the world of the soyinkas can assimilate and understand. Mr Qudus, lets understand where you stand in clear terms, with the sane and God driven ones who see the rise and rise of this bestiality as absolutely insane or with those who pretend to be so liberal but whose portion is in the hottest part of damnation. Sahara please spare us this type of articles for once, they make me want to puke.

  2. Homo in disguise, you be homo, no lie, na God go purnish you. ONUKU

  3. All i can say is well done mate!

  4. Patrish Lewis-ObasaMonday, August 03, 2009

    Very interesting article, Q. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  5. Morality or inmorality are both products of socialisation, Thank God am an african brought up by the African family ethics , norms, and values which preaches morality even sometimes through canning. i won''t cane my child, but i will do all i can, to make him abide and respect the African norms. More so, Principle wise, if what Qudus stated above is seen as freedom, may I remain a slave in the eyes of this free world

  6. Let's all answer this question sincerely - "Imagine yourself, a believer in not just God & morals of religion and traditions, but also a respecter of the other, and a cherisher of a world of differences where we all can live as one human family; SO WHEN YOU LOOK AT AN homosexual, WHAT DO YOU SEE?"

  7. if we continue to pretend as if no such people exist amongst us, thinking its other people's problem, or keep approaching the issue with prejudice, it will do nothing but marginalise them and getting them more vulnerable and create more society of hatred, as Qudus has stated above.

    Have you ever heard of sexual harassment from same sex in Nigeria? No we don't cos we hide the issue a lot and if we think its doing heterosexuals some good, no its for our sake that we need to figure out how to live as a human family... Or WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT YOUR BROTHER OR KID OR SISTER IS HOMOSEXUAL? well it won't shock me, if our answers will be "KILL THEM" is it not in this same "African family Ethics" that a parent almost killed their daughters, just because she got pregnant at tender age.

    IF you fail to recognise that, then i imagine that all of us grew up with some of our male friends or mate acting like girls in every form, what will you say about those, that they were not raised " by the African family ethics , norms, and values" ?

    GREAT ARTICLE MR QUDUS. i've always been a fan of your thoughts on your blog and facebook.

  8. Q'dance nice to meet u

  9. Interesting write up...as always.

    I am not gay but I have gay friends and I've worked with a gay colleague. When you've been that close to one, u tend to forget some "faults" especially when you've shared moments with them and understand that like you, they battle with emotions too...will my family still love me? willl my society accept me?
    From a distance, it's so easy to classify them as "animals" who are unable to control there sexual urges and longings but truly don't we all have one shortcoming or the other? I know I do! At the end of the day who decides what's right or wrong?...what is even right and what is wrong?

    I don't think homosexuals are members of a sect though. I feel they are are just people like you and I except that they are different in nature...special! They are members of churches, mosques, corp. org, e.t.c. Some hide there sexuality under the guise of what there holy books portray but like smoke....it oozes when no one's watching.

    These days, sexuality has been so glamorized and politicized in such a way that one is forcced to choose one or be labelled a traitor by all if otherwise.

    The divide between what is right and what is wrong is so thin you can't tell sometimes...

    God is indeed patient.

  10. Priscilla Pinto FerreiraMonday, August 03, 2009

    Do you also pretend to think of yourself "as a cherisher of a world of differences ? ( as you have previously stated)
    hope your moral-religious principles presupposes others be predently tolerant with your own weakness and insanity as well -be they identified or not-

    ah, like your writing style though, Q.

  11. CHIKELUE FIDELIS(E/AGIDI)Monday, August 03, 2009

    Pls we thank u sir for ur write up.But i want to say that we learnt a lot from the west or developed nation but i think we also in africa have a lot to teach them this include our family system, our moral value etc.Pls gay or homo is bad and whoever is in that act should visit a physcologist for help.For even animals dont behav as such.And sahara pls save us from this type of topic

  12. These people should not be allowed to pollute our land!! They have taken over the entire western countries and are now intimidating and blackmailing our people with the help of NGO's.
    Watch out for them!

  13. Qd am trying hard to understand your liberal west statement
    please elaborate ? thaks for sharing this

  14. Lee Ozwald BronzekyIMonday, August 03, 2009

    have not read this yet - but I know this seems interesting.

    I will respond when I have read it - give me 5pm this evening!!

  15. MUHAMMAD LAWAL SULEIMANMonday, August 03, 2009

    Quite interesting and educating piece.

  16. dis is very enlightening...

    really, freewill which we humans have is our greatest asset but yet stil our nemesis

    nice one

  17. Remember the bible story of Sodom. Well, homosexuality has been in existence right from the biblical era till date. God did not destroy Sodom because homosexuality was the order of the day, rather, God destroyed the city because they tried to force there sexual orientation on people who do not practice it which is similar to a man raping a woman. Remember Lot offered these men his virgin daughters but they insisted on having the male visitors. Assuming they accepted Lot’s daughters instead of the visitors and do as they pleased with these innocent girls, will God destroy Sodom? I don’t think so but I’ll leave that for future discussion. Homosexuality is a reality and other civilisations have come to accept. Do we want to blame an individual who was born as a male child only to grow up with a combination of male and female features? There are people like that in every society and they are not responsible for what they are. If we believe God created all of us, then we are saying he must have made a grave error by creating such people. Northern Nigerian societies are negatively critical about homosexuality but it is in the same society that you find brothels for homosexuals. We can continue to be hypocritical about homosexuality but it has and will always be there among the people of any race, culture or society. The people who find themselves in this situation are very human like anyone of us no matter how we continue to castigate them. We all need to learn to understand and accept this natural human phenomenon.

  18. People get over yourselves and take the gay debate out of moral justification and fuming from all sorts of places to a real udnerstanding of rights and freedoms! Supposing gay peopel became the majority, would you like to be discrimnated against just because you were heterosexual and so different? How is another person being gay a problem to your own religious belief? There are gay people who choose to be celibate and there are so called heterosexuals who have gay 'anal sex'! We were not all made identical even if heterosexuality is the norm. If we were all made 'normal;' we would all be the same colour, the same sex, without disability or being attacted to the same sex. In fact come to think of it, we would all have been homosexuals! If you are not gay, no body is saying you should be gay but you also defintely have no right to say other people should not be gay because of your own beliefs!

  19. Ohimai Godwin AmaizeMonday, August 03, 2009

    Qudus! You went all the way from France to Brazil to participate in a Gay Pride Parade? Wait till I return to splash my candid comment...lol! Meanwhile, intriguing expose! And thanks for granting me the privilege of seeing the original manuscript!...lol!

  20. I sincerely think homosexuality is a matter of orientaion rather than congenital. If not why is it that it is now when the media seem to be promoting it (there are gay programmes on many international stations now) that their number is increasing? Take the case of Northern Nigeria as an example, I think the presence of the gay population there is due to the fact that girls are kept away from mixing with boys at an early age. So boys at a time they grow to a stage where they have to express their sexual feelings only find same sex around hence the indulgence in homosexuality. Nature has made us male and female and in order to express our sexuality, the law of opposite attract and same repel is nature's edict. Those who are shouting that that is the way they were made are missing the point. Homosexuality is perverse. It is not different from bestiality. How would the right activists feel if in time to come people start saying that they are attracted to animals? Are we still going to accept them in the name of freedom of choice? Why can't the same argument and excuse go for other social miscreants like thieves and rapists? Why can't we excuse them that that is the way there were made? What makes society sane is self regulation. There is nothing like absolute freedom. If homosexuality is not really a perverse act now permitted because we live in a permissive global society why is it that some persons who were once such have been able to break free from such immoral practice and later regarded such lifestyle as dirty and damnable? I will never advocate that homosexuals should be persecuted but I believe that they can change with the right orientation. No one, absolutely no one, was created a homosexual just like no one was craeted a rapist.

  21. on this topic, i am proud to be a nigerian because with all our coruption, ethinicity and religioues discrimination, we all remain UNITED AGAINTS THIS KIND OF WESTERN FREEDOM, THAT IS NOT ONLY IMMORAL & UNNATURAL BUT ALSO ILLOGICAL, AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED GAY & LESBIANS ARE THE OTHER EXTREME END.

  22. Mr qudus, every habit in life starts with a thought and then if not resisted consistently it turns into an action, and if this actions are repeated over time it becomes an addction. why does the thougth of sleeping with ur own sister or brother such a disgusting idea? I once had the thought of sleeping with a man after watching a movie but i resisted it firmly and praise God, today I AM BETTER FOR IT. Sir, there is someting the whiteman calls the conscience which judges what is right and wrong, i believe we all have it. Now, if someone feels guilty or bad about a particular action it is first of all because his conscience is still alive and active. Whatever people will say will only be secondary. the reason why some people commit suicide or feel stigmatized is because of the constant condemnation from withing.

    There are many ways of making this comdemnation go away,you can choose to ignore it, you can take some drugs like alcohol, cocaine,marijuana,e.t.c. Quote me anywhere, most gays and lesbians are drug addict, most of them will ''kill'' there conscience before or after the act. Sir, my submission is that homosexuality is an exreme of sexual perversion and only God can deliver us from such an impending destructive habit. my heart goes out to all homsexuals, it is a hard thing to stop but you can be delivered from it. Victory begins with you. say no to sexual perversion. HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT LIBERTY BUT A FORM OF BONDAGE. BEWARE!!!

    THE ORIGIN OF HOMOSEXUALITY '' ....Yes they knew God but they did not worship him as God or even give Him thanks. and they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like.the result was that there mind became dark and confused. Claiming to be wise they became utter fools instead. So god let them go ahead and do whatever shameful thing there hearts desired. AS A RESULT THEY DID VILE AND DEGRADING THINGS WITH EACH OTHERS BODIES. .......and since god abandoned them to their desires, EVEN THE WOMEN THEN TURN AGAINST THE NATURAL WAY TO HAVE SEX AND INSTEAD INDULGED IN SEX WITH EACH OTHER. AND THE MEN INSTEAD, INSTEAD OF OF HAVING NORMTAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH WOMEN, BURNED WITH LUST FOR EACH OTHER. Men did shameful things with other men and as a result, suffered withing themselves the penalty they so richly deserved'' this was quoted from THE BIBLE the book of Romans chapter 1 verse 22 to 27. I believe that the Quran also has something on it. liberty comes with some form of responsibility otherwise chaos will be the order of the day.

  23. Quidus or what is your name?

    Am sure have been paid by the US satanists to export the north American satanic activities to Nigeria under the disguise of civilization.

    If homo exist in Nigeria nko? must they be celebrated, promoted and spread the practice?

    You have no suggestions /contributions to political, social and economic problems in Nigeria but to import moral and spiritual problems of North America in addition to what we have.

    May be you were one of the people that collected money from US gay bishop and organized gay church in Ogba the other time and posted it on YouTube to embarrassed Nigerian living abroad.

    As bad as Nigeria may be, we are still the country that prevented Anglican Church Worldwide from becoming Angligay Church Worldwide.

    May this is one of the reasons why God is still preventing the country from becoming Somalia, Congo or Liberia despite facing bigger problems.

    Please don't rob us of one of the favours of God.
    Sahara Reporter spare us this type of satanic messages, we have more than enough problems in Nigeria.Don't add to it.


  24. ONWUJEI IFEANYI ALEXMonday, August 03, 2009

    Mr. Qudus Onikelu, please let us not in the name of civilisation encourage perversive acts such as homosexuality. i hope to God we dont loose our insanity to European way of life. Because if we continue to encourage this way of life, maybe one day we will see nothing wrong in sleeping with animals or maybe raping one another just because some perverts feels it is somebody's way of life. Even the Holy quaran and the Holy Bible preaches against homosexuality.
    we are Africans and should be proud of who we are.
    Homosexuals should rather seek the assistance of shrinks and get a LIFE!!!
    As far as i am concerned, homosexuals, rapists, armed robbers etc.. are all bunch of low lives who deserve a second chance to lead a mormal life.
    let me even ask you a question Mr. Qudus Onikelu, how would u feel if ur daughter or son come home one day to tell u that he or she derives more pleasure having sex with a monkey or dog? would u encourage it or vehemently disown this child?
    Because the way this world is going, it will soon get that stage.

  25. A congenital abnormality of the persona only needs the appropriate treatment.This is for those who argue that homosexuality is somehow in the nature of the individual.
    A careful inspection of the purpose of nature's functionality shows that every human part/organ has a particular functional role in creation.the function of our legs is motion.that we use them for kicking football or kicking people to death is a product of our imagination or our own creation through free will.Sexual enjoyment is a creation of man as against reproductive sex which is what nature intended.(compare other mammals)
    Homosexulity should be considered along other aberrant sexual behaviours eg orgies,beastiality,anal sex,oral sex,masturbation,and the under-highlighted female desire to go nude in public in the name of fashion)
    Even if we eventually discover a gene responsible for homosexuality(and for oral and anal sex,I suppose ),we should treat the matter as we treat other genetic disorders especially of the mind because the mind is the creator of imaginations which unrestricted,uninhibited and unopposed become reality with practice with positive or negative consequences.
    Let us not forget that it is the same human mind that produced life-saving drugs that also produced life-terminating drugs.If the imaginations of the mind of young Adolf had NOT been allowed to materialise,perhaps,there would not have been a Holocaust.


  27. Very good article. I struggle to get a feel of where you stand on the issue but I figure am not meant to get that feel. You're just stating a case or as it were an opinion and you have done so beautifully.

    I actually don't know where I stand when it comes to homosexuality but I know that there is a lot of politics going on there. Having read Roland Barthes I cant help but to put this down to some sort of discourses that we will continue to grapple with.

    The thing though is that we cannot all be the same and if someone's sexual tendencies gravitates towards the same sex who am I to condemn them? What I am against though is the deliberate selling of your lifestyle to others and thereby confusing them about their own identity. But then some people will argue that heterosexuality has always be sold as the singular and preferred sexuality people must inculcate so why cant homosexuals do the same?

    It is a tough one I guess.

  28. Tele David OgundekoMonday, August 03, 2009

    Interesting write Q, ever courageous to take the bull by both its horns and tails.
    I will first respond to your statement in the last paragraph which goes: "..our illogical existence".
    Our existence is not illogical Q, it only appears so because we have strayed far away from the very substance that makes sense. And in doing so, humanity has fallen victim to itself. We all very well know that a child that grows without parental guidance falls victim to himself, not to the society that enables his moral degradation for the society is just a community of people that are morally sound or not, but to himself. Only to himself.

    If I were to meet a gay today and know him personally, I will try my damndest best to convert him. I believe homsexualism is a disease, and I feel real sorry for those who are gays. Sad enough that they are ostracized by the world, but sadder still that we suffer them to remain the same. Accepting them for who they are would be the same as accepting a schizophrenic for who he is. But why should almost anything with a sexual tag be left to more academic speculation?

  29. On what basis do you think homosexuality is a disease Tele? What's your argument for that? And if you believe it's a disease how would you convert a person who has it? Surely they'd need treatment. And if they need treatment, does that not belong in the academic realm too? I cannot make sense of these things but I know that as it is possible to have white and to have black then it is possible to have people who do not have straight sexual orientation.

  30. Tele David OgundekoMonday, August 03, 2009

    No, we cannot compare the variations of skin color to the variations of sexual preference, that would be erroneous. The simple reference is the human biological body, the sexes, there is purpose for everything, studying the male and female physiology tells you simply, they were made for each other. Both homosexuality defies that, it is an aberration, and thus abnormal. That is the simple basis for it to be classified as a disease, and how can it be cured? How are schizophrenics cured? If that is not abnormal enough for you, then how about pedophilia? OF course you will cringe at the very notion of that, your mind and emotions immediately pronouncing judgement of it being wrong! Its a perversion of what is meant to be, and such is homosexualism. It's a pshycological and sociological disease, for if it were part of the evolutionary trend, there would be traces of it in lower animals, but there are none at all. Haven't heard of gay dogs or parrots have you?

  31. Tele David OgundekoMonday, August 03, 2009

    And when I said academic speculation, I merely meant to say "superficial speculation"

  32. @David...I think you shud try googling gay animals. You'd be surprised at what you will find.

  33. Tele David OgundekoMonday, August 03, 2009


  34. lol...dont make me laff jare David.

  35. "This same construct has taught me not to find bodies attractive nor repellent; only the people in them.

    Total separation of physical body and personality is almost impossible. It is akin to total separation of reason and emotion.