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Oct 23, 2012

Africa Straight Up

Dear Friends.

I am using this medium to invite you all to watch this beautifully made document on contemporary Africa. For those who have not been so privileged to have access to such information in this docu, which enables us all to think
rightly, above the truthful lies we are all fervently fed with, through the propaganda giants who either see Africa as a place of death and diseases, or that of aid and humanitarian 'see me see you' or a huge natural wildlife managed solely by nature, but if you believe and support the views of the producers of this film, please be kind enough to share it and make it go viral in your own little circle. One more soul saved and delivered from the deadly cancer of stereotype, is one more humanity restored from its denial of others' own humanity.
It is worth the price we pay for a great job done by the producers.
Please let's all support it.

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