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Feb 4, 2008

Fela Kuti and Qudus Onikeku - Roforofo Fight

Roforofo Fight

at the end of march
in the beginning of April
that's when the weather begins to change
at the end of our childhood
in the beginning of our making
that's when we begin to notice a change
in this world of ours

i have been living in my dreams
just alone in my lone world
now that i am back to the living
i want to clench my fist
raised into the air
and be involved in a muddy fight.

at the end of my time
in the beginning of my end
that's when i shall finish my fight
in this world of mine

i have been too much involved
in the material life of others
never had time for my solitude
i want to be alone in my world
raise my spirit higher and
be involved in a mental fight

at the end of sunlight
in the beginning of twilight
that's when the stars begins to shine
and the moon become clearer

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