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Feb 10, 2008

these people

If i tell you, you might not believe
there are people who wake up very early 
in the morning . Like 5 a.m
with their beutiful family, 
they are clean and dress clean 
they wear sharply and neatly ironed 
expensive trousers, shirt, tie and suit that suits them so well.
They spend few time with thier family 
but they make good money.
Such people are usully trapped in some 
air conditioned four walls they call office.

You may not believe but there are people 
who wake up arround 11 a.m everyday,
food on their tables 
with no sign of rush to join a queue, 
The way they dress portrays some 
qualities of a big man in them, 
they are very connected and contented, 
they work from home and work with their brains, 
yet spends little or no time with their families. 
Cos they sleep late.
Such people are usually 419 or politicians.

If i tell you, you wont believe
but there are people who wake up whatever time they wish,
they might not have food on their table, 
but they are happy with themselves, 
they work with pleasure and often out going.
they strive to get a work to do, they dress well at times, 
spend the best times with their families 
and when its their season, 
their family might not see them for months.
Such people usually call themselves artists, 
or something like that, they do exist.

But i am not one of these people
i'm not even near being one of these people
but i'm particles of all on these people
you might not belive it, if i tell you

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