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Apr 26, 2008

INSPIRE AFRICA... Trilogy.(Part 2)

INSPIRE AFRICA... farewell to post-colonial era!

I strongly buy the idea of Pan-Africanism, because we are a people from common shared root with common shared experience, our journey and narrative is quite similar, whather Anglophone, Francophone, Arabophone etc. We have a shared heritage and I believe that as long as Africa is not uniformly stable, black people will have problems in the world, because by nature we have been given this exterior color that anyone identifies immediately, we are complex people, we are not Europeans, we are not Cartesians, you cannot figure us with Cartesian logic, we are too complex for that, our experiences is so complex and diverse, we are complex and strong people because, we’ve been through hell and back, and it forms you, the more trials you go through in life, your mind is stronger, but still, we cannot live on the superficiality of whatever that means, because of that doesn’t mean black people are sort of superior or so big ourselves up with an idea, this is a notion, a potentiality of what we are, now expressing those potentiality in its complexity is what we should look out for. When you look at any African art, good African art, when African art is good you will see those complexity of the experience, not in the -bling bling- or “I’m black and proud” superficialities, the things that you can market and sell by Coca-Cola; no, that’s not what we are about, we are deeper than that and its in our work.

Europe has been defining the world and setting the pace for the world to grasp with, and i think what Europe has done on the long civilization, from the ancient Greece to Rome and to the west that we know today, what we know or understand through western civilization is only an aspect of what humanity can be and its an aspect that has failed, because it has failed the human family, and any civilization that fails the human family, whether before or in the future, will always crumble and will show nothing to us but to say this is not what to do, in a new civilization, perhaps in another time in the future, people will look at this period hopefully as what not to do as human being, how a failed civilization has been pushed and pushed and pushed till there is nothing there anymore. 

When you relinquish your power, then you start to be told who you are, then you start to be told how to behave, what to do, then you get more lost, then you will always be controlled because you are no longer leading yourself, you are being led, you will never know as much what they are doing, you will always be the second to know, so there is always someone that knows before you and that is the portion we've always been in and that is where we need to get out from, we have to know and move aside from it, because we are more educated than perhaps our father's generation, we know more, the illusion is not much as our father's generation, but you have to learn that - to know that - and then knowing that - then you have to find other place in another part, otherwise “you are talking about it, then what do you propose?”.

Africa has to go back to find its own path before its encounter with the west, well we cant literally go back but we can have the courage to veer, to go back to an essence of who we are and from there grow, build a new thing, because if we are bound to their laid down rules, we are going to collapse with it, its falling all over the place. The reason why the post sixties experience collapsed with the great leaders like Nkuruma, Lumumba, and all other great leaders and why they were wiped out is because we were still fused with the so called people we are suppose to be independent of, and i think that will continue until we find our own essence, build on it and start to veer off from all of these, then, we will see who we are for real. 

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