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Apr 26, 2008

INSPIRE AFRICA... Trilogy.(Part 3)

INSPIRE AFRICA... You can't stop wanting to know!

The job that has been done to our head as Africans is some major surgery, colonial mentality is major surgery, its not a joke - beware of the guy that says he is free of colonial mentality because he is a guy who doesn't even understand what that means to a certain level, its a daily job, because it is centuries of work, we were brought up in it, we were thought that it’s the only way, these are the guys, these are the masters, but getting here we realized that the guys are shit, the guys that your life is not even in their narrative, that you don’t even exist except to supply works and find a way to cheat your own home and kill your own people, to supply your natural resources to build their empire, we are helping building people's house while our house is in disarray, its sad but that’s what’s happening everyday, we always like to be the buttom scale Europe or America, when we can be the top scale Africa.

Some of us rolls in the delusion of the role western aid is playing in Africa. Aid in Africa is a business and I think we have to understand that, It’s like a bigger kind of tax write off to put on some “well meaning” like we mean well so we put some money in Africa, but if they want to cure the problems In Africa, like war problems, then find all the arms traffickers and lock them all up, stop all the arms in-flow in Africa. They know what to do, the United Nations know what to do, if they want to help Africa then find the solution for malaria and typhoid, there are more people dying of these diseases than of AIDS all across Africa. 

If they want to help Africa, they cut off all those trade barriers set up through their institutions so that we can trade fairly and sell decent food that don’t taste like they have been grown in dark or sun room, we can export food crops that we have grown like we used to, they break all the barriers, all these aid stuff is just token, it doesn’t affect the balance of Europe and America, it does nothing to them instead its a surplus value added to their stars, it becomes an employment service, you see big guys traveling in first class ticket up and down flying down to Africa and you see them in their big jeeps with the windows wound up, they don’t interact with the people or the place because they have their air conditioned jeeps and those jeeps come out of the same aid money, now find out how much of the aid money finally goes to the people it suppose to go to, find that out and you will see how much of this is so much not about helping Africa really, in a deep sense it is not, its just another con to make it look like illusion through cinema and media “we are giving aid” advertising it, but they are not helping Africa because the way to help is very clear and they know it. 

That’s why we have to take things into our own hands and stop believing all these and find ways, we are doing it in art and others will be doing it in science, painting, cinematography, historians re-teaching us the true history as oppose all that we have been taught, educate us on the whole curriculum system, changing everything, a kind of a re-evolution of the mind that comes from every aspect of where we are doing it, because we are not all just musicians or footballers, even in carpentry, in anything, I don’t care what we are doing, but making sure that we are expressing what it means to be African, then imagine the snow ball of what can happen from there and that’s why I don’t like to put Nollywood down because its expressing a facet, some might say they don’t like it because its all about juju or a man who’s having an affair, but this is daily life of grinding on and its expressing a facet of what it is to be Nigerian, an African and its valid so we are taking stuff back because we cannot wait to be given anymore and I don’t think that we have always done that, but you know, they will give the aid but lets not be fooled by what it means.

To we the youth, we need to know, we cannot stop wanting to know, because the more we know the more we free ourself, know what is working for and against us, then we can make choices to move towards more of what is working for us, I don't know about those studying in Africa but most of what I read here has nothing to do with my reality, I am been taught things that doesn't correlate but i decided to be inquisitive, we have to read outside the curriculum of whatever someone has prepared for us as the list of what to read, then whether you are a lawyer or doctor, a mechanic or an artisan whatever you do, the rest are just branches but this is the root and then you can do whatever you want from that point but that consciousness of searching for knowledge and not suffice yourself in the knowledge that is proposed, they are mostly based on someone else's agenda, but I can listen to their own sense and then take what is good for me, try and figure out why am not being taught the ones that should be good for me and then go searching for the ones that are good for me.

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